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What is mobile behavior and how does it affect us?

What is mobile behavior and how does it affect us?

This is the digital age. Our daily lives are consumed by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, emails, chatting, messaging, Google searches, apps, virtual reality, gaming, and the list goes on.  

We are receiving messages continuously through radio, tv, online, phones, tablets and more.  It never stops. So, how do we turn it off? We can’t. 

Mobile behavior is the behavioral activity either physical, cognitive, social or emotional that we as individuals use, change or adapt to, in our day-to-day life while using mobile phones.

Mobile phone usage has increased significantly over the years, which means that we have had to adapt our lives and mobile behavior to the changing times. We need our phones, tablets, laptops and more.  It's part of our everyday. However, how we choose to act on our mobile devices can significantly impact our family, our friends, our community and affect the overall quality of the life we wish to have.

Many individuals, celebrities, influencers and key figures globally have spoken to how their daily lives have been consumed by their mobile usage. They feel isolated and disconnected from real face-to-face conversations. How mobile phones and other electronics have distracted them, and in many cases given them a false sense of what is important. 

On a recent appearance on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, Selena Gomez shared why she no longer has Instagram on the phone “It’s just become real unhealthy, I think personally, for young people including myself, to spend all of their time fixating on all these comments and letting this stuff in, and it was affecting me. I would make me depressed.  It would make me feel not good about myself, and look at my body differently, and all kinds of stuff.” This is a great example of how a celebrity’s mobile behavior changed in order to adjust to something that was affecting her.

Geico recently launched a campaign where Geico introduces #Smartdogs to tackle distracted driving. Reminding drivers to turn on the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode.  For many individuals who’ve experienced car accidents, injuries or worse. The fact that companies like Geico are teaching and assisting others to change their mobile behavior to create a safe driving experience for all, is a great step forward in encouraging change in mobile behavior. 

It’s about disconnecting and remembering to talk to one another. To live in the moment. It’s about changing and/or adapting our mobile behavior so that we can live a happier life.