Inside Pockets from Fashion Trend to Everyday Fashion

Inside Pockets from Fashion Trend to Everyday Fashion | Thumb United

To be or not to be? Is the question when considering inside-pockets. Initially introduced to hold everyday items, they have know become an essential element to everyday life.

They have especially taken on a more significant role in holding critical everyday items, such as mobile phones, keys, medicine and much more. Ok, maybe they aren’t critical items.  However, their importance to our everyday life is critical. 

Consider the following:

  • You’re out with friends and need a safe location for your wallet. Inside pockets allow for items to be safe within your sweatshirt. Many sweatshirts have zippers, which allow for the item to be tucked safely without the ability of anything falling out.
  • What If you’re diabetic? And require a location that is safe and accessible for insulin pens, other medicines or your blood glucose meter.
  • Riding your bike. Running. Walking or even driving. Inside pockets make it easy to access and put away your phone, without having to carry a backpack, handbag or place in your back pocket where it can easily fall out.
  • I always lose my keys. You could be a busy parent. College student. Professional executive. Dog walker. It can be anyone, we all at some point lose our keys or at least misplace them for a short period. Inside pockets are easy to remember and more importantly, they serve as a great temporary holder for keys.
  • Have you ever stood in the line at the airport security checkpoint? I’m usually the one carrying a jacket on one arm, with a handbag on my shoulder, while trying to finish my coffee. On my other arm, I’m holding my carry-on with my laptop bag. The reality is all travelers need inside pockets. It makes it easier access your boarding pass, license, passport, credit cards or cash.

From fashion trend to required fashion, our daily lives are consumed by so many gadgets, knick knacks, and so much more. Inside pockets make life easier.  Let us know how you use them?  



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