Well, here it is.

Become an Ambassador for THUMB and help us spread the message on Teaching Humans Universal Mobile Behavior. Become part of the movement and echo our message of

“hold a hand, not a phone”


THUMB is not only committed to our cause but also to providing the best hoodie and ‘T’s ever made. Quality manufacturing, attention to details, ideal fabric weight and with multiple inside pockets to hold your smartphones, no other hoodie compares. In addition, our brand message resonates with so many of you that we have been asked time and time again by you, “what can I do to help”.


Meet Our Ambassadors


30+ year Broadcasting & Entertainment veteran also known as “TheBRAND™️“ has been a Brand Ambassador for Thumb United™️ for over three years since being introduced to Founder Brad Dubrowsky by his high school basketball Coach Mike Jarvis from it’s inception as Inside Pocket Co.™️. Ray has been offering expert recommendations and insight to Thumb United™️ products and services. He specializes in creating brand name awareness, content creation, brand engagement and the use of social media and other digital platforms (Radio, TV, Film and Music), visual merchandising to strategy development.


Salvador Perez is a Venezuelan professional baseball catcher for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball (MLB). He is a six-time MLB All-Star, Five-time Gold Glove Award winner, and received the World Series Most Valuable Player Award when the Royals won the 2015 World Series over the New York Mets.


Sonya Dalton is an extraordinary woman who has an unparalleled connection with the world and the millions of lives she touches every day. Sonya is a Celeb Fitness Trainer, Author, Host, Model, Fitness Enthusiast, and Inspirational Speaker who enlightens people to live a successful and healthy life. Her approach to life is just as bold and eccentric as her edgy and incomparable appearance. Since leaving the hardwood floors of the NWBA (National Women’s Basketball Association), she has taken the fitness and fashion world by storm. Sonya Dalton affectionately known by friends and business colleagues as simply “Sonya D” is your Fashionista Fitness Queen. #SonyaD15