After years of slaying her opponents on the basketball court, she found her niche in owning and operating an exemplary co-ed fitness studio for over 25 years. This Fit Queen has been summoned to lead generations into fitness, health, and personal life transformations. Sonya has dedicated her career to helping people from all walks of life build enthusiasm and motivation to live their 'AB'solute BEST life in the body of their dreams. She is cunning but direct in her approach to image, health, and wellness! Sonya commands attention upon entering a room and delivers an unforgettable impression!!

Sonya Dalton is an extraordinary woman who has an unparalleled connection with the world and the millions of lives she touches every day. Sonya is a Celeb Fitness Trainer, Author, Host, Model, Fitness Enthusiast, and Inspirational Speaker who enlightens people to live a successful and healthy life. Her approach to life is just as bold and eccentric as her edgy and incomparable appearance. Since leaving the hardwood floors of the NWBA (National Women’s Basketball Association), she has taken the fitness and fashion world by storm. Sonya Dalton affectionately known by friends and business colleagues as simply “Sonya D” is your Fashionista Fitness Queen.    #SonyaD15

Sonya D’s inspiration to captivate the nation with her larger than life, raw approach to the Health and Wellness Industry was ignited when she encountered a near death experience in 2000. Focused and driven towards her childhood dreams of becoming an exceptional athlete. Sonya achieved the pinnacle by becoming a professional basketball player. As a pro-athlete who has overcome many injuries, Sonya was headed for her 8th knee surgery unalarmed and unaware of what was to come. A week following the surgery Sonya was not recovering as she had with past procedures. What was discovered next would change her life and passion forever, Pulmonary Embolisms. Blood clots were found on her lungs and heart and the doctor insisted that all family members be notified to be at her side as the prognosis of patients surviving this condition was extremely rare. Sonya’s spirit remained high and she was at ease with God’s will for her life. She fought past a seemingly ‘dead’ situation and discovered herself to be alive and well. Sonya believes that life should not be taken for granted and here begins her initiative to ring the bells and deliver a life changing message to “Be FIT, Be FAB, Be the Total YOU!”

Every life experience has truly pushed Sonya to fight hard where many would have given up. She is presently pushing thru breast CANcer! Her words are, “healing comes in waves. On some days you will drown and other days you will float! On some days you feel broken and on other days you will feel renewed. Just be patient with yourself. Our wounds are often the openings into the ‘AB’solute BEST and most beautiful part of us. I will beat CANcer because God said so!! I truly trust the process. I have many lives to save.”

Sonya has been given the opportunity to train prominent professionals ranging from Multi-Grammy-nominated Recording Artists to Professional Athletes and major corporations such as: Fantasia Barrino Taylor (Multi-Grammy Award Winner), Calvin Richardson (Multi-Grammy Award Nominated), Rudy Currence (Grammy Award Winner), Sunshine Anderson (National Recording Artist) The Coca-Cola company, and outstanding professional athletes such as Rhonda Mapp (Former WNBA Player), Tommie Woods (NBA Referee), Will Lowery (PRO Golfer), to name a few.

She was honored as one of the “Who’s Who of Black Charlotte” four years concurrently and received the Education Award from the National Women of Achievement. Ms. Dalton is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Women. This Fitness Queen has been in numerous major publications such as Creative Loafing –Charlotte, Pride Magazine, Juicy Magazine, Hype Magazine, Today’s Charlotte Woman, Level21 Magazine, DIP Magazine and revealed in Essence as the secret to Fantasia’s phenomenal weight loss and fitness success. Sonya has been featured on the hit TV reality show L.A. Hair, multi-Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Calvin Richardson’s music video, “A Woman’s Gotta Have It”, and J-Stylz from Grammy award winning group BlackStreet music video, "Single Women Syndrome".

Don’t attempt to put this Fashionista Fitness Queen in a box because her larger than life personality ‘AB’solutely won’t fit. She has successfully diversified her brand portfolio by creating and developing innovative lifestyle products such as: Fitness Craze dance “Body Roc”, Sensational Cuisine by A’Sonji (Healthy Living foods, detox and water), A’Sonji (Fitness Apparel) and 💯 percent all natural product line (XPOSED Total YOU products). Defying the odds is only a part of her fast-paced life and she is determined to leave the imprint of her impressive stiletto in the sand while making her mark on the world. Sonya will give YOU the ‘AB’solute BEST while Loving YOU 2 Health!!