Backorder Status

The Demand for our products has been amazing.   Our factory has been working overtime to produce more product as quickly as possible.  There are many challenges in producing a top quality product such as ours, from procuring and dying the fabric to all of the details like zippers, tags, grommets, and more, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our products are produced in China by a family owned factory with which our founder and his family have done business with for more than 25 years.   As you no doubt have seen in the news, there are many challenges with producing and importing products from China.   One of the biggest challenges is getting the actual goods from China to the USA.   Ports are overwhelmed everywhere and experiencing unprecedented backlogs in loading and unloading ships.    So while our factory has been able to produce product faster than we could have hoped for, it's just taking extra time to get them over here to New Jersey cost effectively.

If you placed a backorder for one or more of our products, we sincerely appreciate your patience and your confidence that we will deliver as quickly as we possibly can.   We also understand that you may not be willing or able to wait, and if that is the case, simply send an email to with your order number and request that we cancel your order.    

Please check back for updates from time to time.