THUMB can embroider almost any design on our jackets and hoodies. We deliver high quality embroidery and for any order we are here to customize your thumb hoodie. World Famous brands love our product and message including Prestige Imports and Lamborghini Miami.


Thumb United has embroidery services located in New Jersey. We handle nationwide orders for a wide variety of clients who love our high quality product and brand message. If you are not sure how to setup your design or what exactly you need, no need to worry! We will be able to help you set things up for the best layout for your orders! Sports teams, corporate logos, schools, fraternities and any other organization that needs custom embroidery. THUMB customized sweatshirts...take it to the next level, upscale & functional with a great message that your clients and employees will love.

THUMB Brand was showcased in 2015 at the World Famous Art Miami Fair.

Thumb/Art Miami collaboration unite to live a less distracted life.

Join the #iamthumb movement, show your employees you care.