Luis Alicea

Luis Alicea
Former MLB Player and MLB Coach

I've partnered with Thumb United, a mission-based lifestyle brand that promotes the use of inside pockets for putting away your valuables and phone. Thumb has a mission to help people live a less distracted life. To be happier and mindful.  
Our world is digitized, and I support putting our phones away so that we may engage with one another. Let's celebrate life, be present, and be happy!
Thumb hoodies and sweatshirts, have inside pockets that make it easier for you to put your phone away. They are beautifully crafted and a high quality product, which you, your friends and/or family can enjoy. Please enter my code, LUIS20, to receive a 20% discount on all Thumb United products.
Join me in supporting Thumb! And let's remember that inside pockets make life easier!

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